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Just Exactly How Pure is Distilled Water Anyway?

Have you read any of the literature on natural health? Many of them advocate a raw food diet in conjunction with everyone drinking distilled water. This is to the exclusion of every other type of water. At first glance this sounds like an ideal way to achieve a healthy body. Nevertheless, just how pure is distilled water?

This type of water is obtained by PURE5 Extraction first boiling then collecting the vapor and cooling. The results are distilled water, which has no dissolved minerals present. This is a very important point. It is because  of this that many people drink this water when they are cleansing or detoxifying their body. Distilled water has the unique ability to absorb toxic substances from the body and eliminate them.

However, you should only do this for short periods. If you continue this will almost certainly result in serious mineral deficiencies like for example, sodium, potassium and chloride; in addition to trace minerals like magnesium. This will ultimately lead to high blood pressure and heart beat regularities. Another condition associated with mineral deficiencies is hair loss.

There is another problem associated with distilled water, and this happens during the boiling process. Everyone understands that when you boil water this kills any pollution, unfortunately this is not true. Your local water treatment plant in order to safeguard your health will add chlorine to your water to destroy bacteria. When this is done the chlorine reacts with natural organic compounds in the water and produces what is known as disinfection by-products.

These compounds have a lower boiling point than that of water, which means they vaporize before the water. Such compounds include trihalomethanes and benzenes. This means that these chemicals will be present in your distilled water. Recent research has shown that these disinfection by-products are actually many times more toxic than the original chlorine.

Distilled water is actually a very effective absorber and when it comes into contact with air it absorbs carbon dioxide this makes it acidic. This absorption ability becomes really serious when you consider what your distiller is made of. If the unit has a plastic bottle then just stop to consider how many plastic chemicals are known to be extremely toxic.

On the other hand, if it is made of metal then there is a very strong possibility it will add nickel back into your water. Therefore, the “purified water” will contain extremely dangerous contaminants. The answer to the question how pure is distilled water you can say that its purity leaves a lot to be desired. Obviously, this is not the type of water purification system you would want in your house; after all you have the health of your family to think about. There are many other technologically more advanced types of water filtration units, which are less expensive. The water they produce is clean, healthy and drinkable.

How pure is distilled water? With so many reports coming out telling us about drugs and chemicals in our tap water, it seems almost everyone is in search of a pure water solution. Many people are looking for information on distilled water. Is it better? Is it pure? These are very important questions, and I would like to take the next few paragraphs to provide you with answers you definitely need to know.

First, let me explain a bit about distillation. It was developed about forty years ago for photo developers, who needed a solution of mineral free water to use in their trade. Distillation works by putting your water over a heating coil. Water is evaporated as it boils, and the vapor rises into an upper chamber, where it condenses and turns back into water. Minerals do not evaporate and are left in the lower chamber and out of your water. The same is true of contaminants such as lead and rust.

Removing lead and rust from your water is always a very good thing, but removing minerals isn’t. All naturally occurring sources of water in the world contain trace minerals, and this is for a good reason. Living things simply need these minerals to stay healthy. Science shows that continued ingestion of distilled water leads to mineral deficiencies in the human body. We are beginning to see the first flaw in this supposed pure water solution.

To further answer the question of how pure is distilled water, we must look not at what is removed from the water, but what is not. Almost all water sources in the world contain pollutants, and there are over 2100 known Check our Social profile here carcinogens in tap water in the United States alone (Ralph Nader Research Group Independent Study). In addition to carcinogens, there are other synthetic chemicals, such as weed killers and pharmaceutical drugs.

You may be thinking, but I boil these toxins out of my water, right? Believe it or not, this assumption is quite wrong. Almost all synthetic chemicals have even lower boiling points than water, which means that they, too, are condensed and released into the upper chamber of your distillation system. This is a very frightening fact.

When you consider than in addition to carcinogens and pesticides, tap water has been found to contain sex hormones, mood stabilizers, antibiotics, and a host of other drugs, the need for truly pure water becomes apparent. The antibiotic levels in water are one of the three leading causes of the recent outbreaks of MRSA or medication resistant staph infections that are sickening and even killing so many US citizens every day.


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